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War between the Health oligarchs! Kadareja VS Topçiu and Struga, “hyenas” eat 300 MLN Lek of the citizens
Shkruar nga: F Tenolli | Publikuar më: 31/08/2021 21:25

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If they are not part of a TRUST, the Health oligarchs have frequent clashes with each other for the benefit of the public money of this sector. The good thing is that all this data is made public and thus reveals each other even when the procedures seem regular on the surface. The next clash has come between the two biggest beneficiaries of the Health tenders, Artur Kadare VS Sokol Topçiu and Orion Struga.

It is about a tender given by the Directorate of Berat Hospital with the object: "F.V hotel and medical equipment for the maternity hospital of Berat – Lot 1: F.V medical equipment for the maternity hospital of Berat" with Fund Limit 500 MLN Lekë WITHOUT VAT. Great! Two companies which participated in the tender, BIOMETRIC of Artur Kadare with an economic offer of 400 MLN and "Farma Net Albania" shpk together with "FEDOS" Shpk respectively of Sokol Topçiu and Orion Struga with an economic offer of 338 MLN Lekë without VAT. The winner seems to have respected competition and offered the lowest offer economically.


Revealing this trick of millions of LEK coming out of the pockets of Albanian taxpayers, Artur Kadareja revealed it exactly in his complaint, as he was not declared the winner and claimed to be the winner of the wealthy tender. In this regard, Kadare has filed a complaint with the KPP stating the reasons and accusing the contracting authority of favoring the winning operator, due to some specific criteria in the tender, which you can read in the following document.


One of the points that can be considered ridiculous is that the tender requires an obstetric and gynecological table with the specifics:

– The device must be supported on 4 wheels and with static support during interventions

– The bed should hold a weight of at least 300 kg

– Left-right lateral movements at least 35 degrees

(You can find the answer of the complaining operator on page 4) where he explains that: “If the operating table is equipped with brake wheels, then the medical staff can easily move it when necessary and place it in a static position by means of brake during interventions. Also, the carrying capacity of 300 kg is another unnecessary and limiting criteria, as it is known that the weight of the patient together with the accessories that can be mounted on the table, can not reach these values. "

Kadare also specifies that the Berat Hospital has requested models of devices that distribute equipment only to operators in the race that automatically makes them winners by favoring and disqualifying other participants. (Pg 5) Other funny facts about the technical specifications of this tender can be read in the document attached to the article above.

Do you want even more evidence that the Health institutions under the auspices of Ogerta Manastirliu ping-pong our taxes and give them to the oligarchs according to their personal interest? This was a concrete case, among many others, that should be investigated by SPAK members, if they have finished their vacation. We will be heard again in the clarification of close cases related to the affairs of all the mentioned companies...

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