Ogerta Manastirliu gives 1.2 billion to AGIKONS of Gentian Sula, although he offered hundreds of millions more than the others

Shkruar nga: M Gjini | Publikuar më: 08.02.2022, 22:27

Tenders in the field of health are those that give the oligarchs the opportunity to dye their "bite" well enough. But the problem lies in the fact that the bite in question is soaked with the public money of Albanians, who actually expect to be spent for their own good. Of course, this does not happen in a country like Albania. We say this because as we have shown you every day, Albanian money ends up everywhere but where the country needs it.

The tender that we will present to you today will show you how Ogerta Manastirliu has "donated" to Gentian Sula's AGIKONS company almost 1.2 billion old ALL with VAT, although other competitors have offered up to several hundred million ALL less than Sula. More specifically, it is about the tender with reference number REF-01562-07-23-2021 and with the object "Works for the technological part of phase II of the Reconstruction of Kukës Hospital". Its limit fund is 110,994,433 new lek without VAT or about 1.3 billion old lek with VAT.

Studying the documentation of this tender, it can be seen that 4 participants participated. The winner is the firm AGI KONS owned "de facto" by Gentian Sula. This firm has offered the value of 105,944,488 new lek without VAT or about 1.2 billion old lek including VAT. But interesting is the fact that 2 other companies have offered convincingly lower values, and yet have not been taken into account.

The most flagrant case is when the difference of the firm with the lowest value against the firm AGI KONS declared winner, is about 140 million old ALL with VAT. At best this money is a net loss to the state. However, Ogerta Manastirliu thought that it is more important for the company in question to win than the best offer. Of course SPAK does not appear anywhere.

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