Dritan Agolli “donates” 500 million ALL to chef Alfio, to show him what Albanians eat

Shkruar nga: M Gjini | Publikuar më: 27.01.2022, 19:31

Hmmm, ready meme right? In fact, we are still wiping away tears from laughter, as this tender case is so unprecedented as to put our hands on our heads and run around Tirana. Dritan Agolli, executive director of the Albanian Development Fund has found an exemplary way to steal Albanians' money. And it is not about a little but about 500 million old lek. With this money Tan Agolli will "treat" the chef Alfio Rrotani. We would all ask ourselves why a cook should receive 500 million ALL from the money of Albanians, right? Here, then, learn from us. These 500 million ALL will be used for chef Alfio to tell Tan Agolli what Albanians eat.

But let's talk concretely. It turns out that the Albanian Development Fund has organized a tender with reference number REF-08938-10-20-2021. Its object is "Intervention for the creation of authentic local food product by creating the Menu of 100 Villages" and has as a limit fund the figure of 41,666,667 new lek without VAT or about 500 million old lek including VAT. It turns out that this money will serve to create the menu of 100 villages, for every season, for every meal, for food products, drinks and cakes; the history of the menus and their products; ingredients; recipe; method of preparation etc.

Practically chef Alfio will tell to Tan Agolli what Albanians eat depending on the location. And to find this, apparently, 500 million ALL are needed. But beyond this tender there are many dubious elements. Thus, there are two qualified economic operators at the end of the first phase of the tender procedure. 1) BOE Kube Studios Shpk NUIS K81406077G & Albanian Gastronomy Academy AGA NUIS L51628025A & CBS Creative Business Solutions NUIS L61312066R with offer 39,458,333 new ALL without VAT and 2) 2. BOE Mascarpone sh.pk NUIS L82470 NUIS L8242. with an offer of 41,020,500 new lek without VAT.

The winner was announced as a surprise the merger of operators Mascarpone sh.p.k owned by chef Alfios & Endrit Maci Physical Person. We say for surprise because their offer has been higher than other competitors, and yet they have been declared winners, although they have offered almost 19 million old lek more than others.

Another interesting fact has to do with the criteria that competitors must meet. It is surprising that in order to meet the qualification criteria, the company must have a "Web developer" in its staff. In Albanian, a guy who deals with websites. In order for the participating firms to meet the criteria, the "Web developer" must have at least 10 years of experience. So if this person has 9 years of experience, the company loses the right to compete. Meanwhile it is known that if such a person is capable and has experience even 5 years, he could do any job of that profession. Interesting is the fact that if "Web developer" must have at least 10 years of experience, the nutritionist or nutritionist who are really among the main people in this tender object, it is enough to have only 5 years of experience ...

Meanwhile, if we take a look at the level of salaries that the winning company declares to the tax authorities, it turns out that it pays its employees in ridiculous figures where the lowest salary is 160 thousand old lekë while the highest is 500 thousand old lekë. The question that arises in this case is how is it possible that such a company with this miserable salary level can win a tender worth 400 million ALL?

And the cake for the end, the value offered by the winners in question, is almost identical to the value of the tender limit fund, respectively as much as 98.45% of it. The above findings signal strong doubts about the regularity of the tender and it is very likely that the winner was predetermined.

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