Mirlinda admits failure, gives 4 billion to Grigor Joti for improving AKSHI’s security

Shkruar nga: M Gjini | Publikuar më: 06.01.2023, 18:55

That AKSHI did not have the proper protection against even elementary attacks, it was noticed very quickly from the moment of the attacks by Iranian hackers who found it quite easy to put the system out of order.

We remind you that for a short time, the e-Albania portal did not work as it should, almost going out of business. Many other systems also had problems, such as traffic police fines or even the "Self Care" Fiscalization portal itself.

But recently Mirlinda Karçanaj, the current director of the National Agency of the Information Society, AKSHI for short, has admitted "de facto" the failure of security in the institution she leads.

The lady in question has been forced to open a new tender of almost 4 billion old ALL for improving the security of AKSHI. It is about the procedure with reference number REF-49817-11-14-2022 and with the object "Improvement and optimization of security perimeters – for AKSHI".

The limit fund of the tender is 333,007,428 new ALL without VAT or about 4 billion old ALL with VAT. Taking a look at the tender documentation, we also see the reasons why it was necessary to spend this money.

From the documents, you learn facts to put your hands on your head, as it is quite clear that AKSHI has had a number of security problems related to the "Firewalls" system in case of an attack.

The problems started from devices that are outdated and towards the end of their life cycle, continuing with security "signatures" that cannot be updated, limited "resources", low performance, inability to integrate into a global security structure, as well as difficulties in accessing resources.

This shows that AKSHI was completely unprepared to defend itself against hacker attacks, as it was actually proven in practice. But it seems that Mirlinda has found the "savior", who is the usual Grigor Joti from INFOSOFT SYSTEMS.

The latter has been declared the winner of the tender for an offer of 304,299,977 new ALL without VAT or about 3.7 billion old ALL including VAT. Meanwhile, this figure turns out to be 91.4% of the limit fund, raising doubts that even in this case we are dealing with a predetermined winner.

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