GonxhJa “unties the knot”, wastes 400 million in the tender without competition

Shkruar nga: M Gjini | Publikuar më: 05.08.2022, 22:07

Blendi Gonxhja, the director of the General Directorate of Road Transport Services, seems not to be "separated" from his friends who distribute the millions of people here and there. He even seems to have no problem at all giving away hundreds of millions in one hand, without any competition at all and moreover declaring the winner the company that has offered almost the same amount as the tender's limit fund.

But what is it about? Blendi has organized a tender with the reference number REF-35818-07-07-2022 and its object is "Maintenance of technical control testing equipment". It is a matter of a procurement procedure which has as a limit fund a significant value of about 400 million old ALL with VAT.

As can be clearly seen from the object, we are dealing with a tender for the maintenance of technical vehicle control equipment. Experience with tenders has shown that when it comes to maintenance, the biggest abuses of Albanian money are generally carried out.

But let's see it concretely by studying the tender documentation. It is seen that only one company was qualified, namely VELMAR ALBANIA owned by citizen Artur Zeneli. This company has offered an offer of 30,998,609 new ALL without VAT or about 400 million old ALL with VAT.

Being the only qualified company and in the absence of competition, it was quite easy to be declared the winner of these 400 million ALL. However, if we do a simple calculation, it turns out that this winning value is almost equal to the limit fund of the tender, namely 93% of it.

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