AKSHI’s Mirlinda “donates” 3.8 billion to Gerond Meçe, although he offered more than the others

Shkruar nga: M Gjini | Publikuar më: 04.08.2022, 22:28

AKSHI's tenders are among those procurement procedures that often have the highest values. In general, Mirlinda Karçanaj delivers up and down tenders worth several billions. But instead of taking as many measures as possible to protect the government's electronic systems from various attacks, Mirlinda seems to find time to give almost 4 billion Lek to Gerond Meçe of the Advanced Business Solutions firm.

This happened in the tender with reference number REF-32509-06-10-2022 and with the object "Implementation of ICT laboratories in schools – for the Ministry of Education and Sports". The procedure in question had a limit fund of 333,333,340 new ALL without VAT or about 4 billion old ALL with VAT. But if we look at the tender documentation, we face a real surprise.

Of the 5 firms that participated, one did not give an offer at all. While from the other 4 firms, 2 have offered less value than the winner. But the criterion for the selection of the winner, according to the tender documentation, is the lowest price, but surprisingly this fact has not been implemented at all, as it turns out that there were 2 companies with a lower offer than the winner.

So if we calculate the difference between the winner and the company with the lowest offer, it comes out to about 1 billion ALL. So although one of the contestants offered 1 billion ALL less, this was not taken into consideration at all and Gerond Meçe's company was declared the winner together with the other company ALBSCAN owned by Elton and Elision Jorgjis.

On the other hand, the winning offer is as much as 93% of the limit fund, raising strong doubts that we are dealing with a predetermined winner. Meanwhile, Gerond Meçe is known as a close friend of Armand Frangu, who is also Prime Minister Edi Rama's brother-in-law.

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