The Municipality of Veliaj gives 130 million ALL for tires and batteries to the company with the highest offer

Shkruar nga: M Gjini | Publikuar më: 29.07.2022, 18:39

Every day we are faced with an extremely high number of suspicious tenders. Naturally, a good part of them are carried out by the country's municipalities, where the Municipality of Tirana generally occupies a leading place in relation to these tenders considered suspicious. One of them is the one organized by the General Directorate of Cleaning and Greening Tirana, an institution under the Tirana Municipality.

It is about the procurement procedure with reference number REF-34512-06-27-2022 and with the object "Purchase of spare parts, tires and batteries". Its limit fund is 10,828,667 new ALL without VAT or about 130 million old ALL including VAT. If we study the relevant documentation of this tender, it is noticed that only two companies were qualified in the competition, where the one that gave the highest offer was declared the winner.

The winner was declared GAJD Company sh.p.k. owned by citizen Alfred Qëndro. This company has offered the value of 10,690,400 new ALL without VAT or about 130 million old ALL with VAT. Meanwhile, it is noted that the other firm, although it offered a value of around 11 million old ALL less with VAT, was still not taken into consideration. In fact, a difference of 11 million old ALL is a significant amount when it comes to tires, batteries or spare parts.

However, this did not at all influence the institution in question to announce the winner of the other firm with an offer of 11 million ALL more. In fact, the winning value turns out to be almost 98.72% of the tender's limit fund, further increasing the suspicions that we are dealing with a predetermined winner.

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