Ergys Verdho of KESH spends 1.8 billion to predict the weather in the fictitious tender

Shkruar nga: M Gjini | Publikuar më: 21.07.2022, 20:46

Do you remember the famous "Gysi"? Once upon a time it was published almost daily because when he was running the Albanian Road Authority, the dubious tenders he gave up and down were almost endless. But it seems that Ergys Verdho has not forgotten the vice even now that he is running the Albanian Electric Corporation. He has organized a fictitious tender for predicting the weather.

It is about the tender with reference number REF-32316-06-09-2022 and with the object "Supply and installation of complementary components for the satellite meteorological forecasting system, Phase II". But why is it a fictitious tender? Beyond the motive of the tender, it turns out that only two firms participated in the competition, one of which participated in terms of number after offering zero ALL. Of course, it makes no sense for anyone entering a contest to bid zero, except in dubious cases where the winner is predetermined and it takes another contestant to say there was a contest.

In this particular case, it is clearly understood that not only was there no competition, but the tender is most likely fictitious. Another indication that increases even more doubt about this is the proximity of the winning value to the limit fund. It turns out that the ISEC firm owned by Arsona Hoxhaj in cooperation with the firm "A-T-D Albanian Technology Distribution" owned by Nursen Metuli was declared the winner, with the value offered of 148,990,000 new ALL without VAT or about 1.8 billion old ALL including VAT. This value turns out to be 99.33% of the tender's limit fund. And in the face of these facts, we have nothing else to say but: "Go on Gysi"!

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