Ardian Çela gives 450 million to the brother-in-law of Vilma Nushi to print the bills that are thrown on the steps of the palaces

Shkruar nga: M Gjini | Publikuar më: 05.07.2022, 18:35

We live in the time of digitalism and technology, but it seems that this does not apply so much to Albania. Although Rama boasts that everything is now online, it seems that not everyone implements this idea. One of them is the OSHEE institution which has decided to organize a surprising tender for printing electricity bills and their envelopes.

It is about a tender that goes up to 500 million old lek. It is not actually understood why such a tender is necessary when all citizens can easily access their monthly bill online from the website of this institution.

However, the tender has been developed and has the reference number REF-29894-05-18-2022. Its object is officially "Printing of the Electricity Bill and envelope in the self-mailer version" with a limited fund of 39,750,000 new leks without VAT. Browsing the documentation of this tender, it is noticed that 3 companies have participated, where, surprisingly, 2 have not offered an offer at all.

Consequently, only the company that submitted an offer was declared the winner, which in this case is the grouping of companies "INTERLOGISTIC & Inpress" with a value offered of 38,100,000 new leks without VAT or about 450 million old leks with VAT. If we look at who the winning owners are, it can be seen that it was Vilma Nushi's brother-in-law, Edmond Hido. The latter owns the INTERLOGISTIC company. Meanwhile, it turns out that the winning value is 95.85% of the limit fund, which increases the suspicion that we are dealing with a predetermined winner.

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