Tirana still without 24 hours water, UKT of Veliaj spends millions for bags and T-shirts

Shkruar nga: M Gjini | Publikuar më: 22.06.2022, 22:10

Tirana to the shame of the world is one of the few capitals that even in 2022 has a time table for water supply for its inhabitants. In most of Tirana the water comes in the morning and leaves at lunch, to return again in the afternoon until dinner where it leaves again until the next morning. Of course for a person who is at work this is a really embarrassing situation especially in this heat.

However, instead of Veliaj and UKT fixing this worrying problem as soon as possible, they find time and open tenders to buy bags and T-shirts as promotional materials. In fact, it is not known what Veliaj and UKT can promote at a time when Tirana still does not have water 24 hours a day. However, it is clear that this is just a pretext to put millions of ALL from the pockets of Albanians into the pockets of other individuals.

For this UKT has realized the tender with reference number REF-33335-06-20-2022 and with object "Purchase of promotional materials". Looking at the relevant documentation, it is noticed that Veliaj's boys will spend millions to buy bags, T-shirts, vests, pens and usb sticks with logo, business cards, leaflets, etc., which God knows who can use. Meanwhile, the citizens of Tirana are still without 24 hours water supply in the middle of the heat. As for statistics, the millions for the purchase of these promotional materials will officially end up in the pockets of the ONUFRI firm owned by Bujar Hudhri.

FACT CHECK: Synimi i JOQ Albania është t’i paraqesë lajmet në mënyrë të saktë dhe të drejtë. Nëse ju shikoni diçka që nuk shkon, jeni të lutur të na e raportoni këtu.
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